Sunday, October 2, 2011

it's autumn again

autumn hike
autumn hike 2

It's autumn again. Really, I wasn't quite ready for it this year. I still had summer on my mind. My windows were open, my woolens were stored away, and my sandals were by the door. Then the leaves started turning and I ordered a new down comforter. I found the corduroys. Then I pulled out the knitting. But I wasn't ready.

It wasn't until I took a hike through the woods that I welcomed autumn.  Suddenly everything felt right. The lower sun in the sky.  The cooler  nights.  The flannel sheets. 

So here I sit with wool on the needles, comforters on the bed, chili on the stove.  Autumn is back and I'm soaking these days right up.


Anonymous said...

yay autumn : ) i woke up this morning thinking it is definitely finally really fall. lots of pumpkin cookies, rice bag warm ups, and coffee today :)

Michelle said...

I love autumn, especially in the north east of the US! Am visiting in a couple of weeks and can't wait to see all those colours. Chicago - NY on the train ='beautiful!

Jane said...

I wasn't ready at all...I'm still fighting it!

Relyn said...

Ah... autumn. My favorite season. There is always so much to savor.

justsoyouknow said...

I love the way how you construct your post, so dreamy with a tinge of a writer in it. I bet you are romantic in person.

Ed Butowsky