Wednesday, October 12, 2011

unplugged in the woods


This past weekend we went back into the woods (just as we did last year).  It was the perfect weekend to sneak away into a world that is abundantly autumn-like at that very moment.  Without the pulls of technology, we hiked, cooked, laughed, and biked.

Although we weren't too far away from home, we were far enough south to enjoy the leaves at peak along with slightly warmer weather.  We spent our days completely outside under the sun, breathing the fresh forest air.  Coming home from an unplugged trip is always hard.  Life seems so much more simple when the phone does not have service and the electricity is limited. 

Upon returning home, I kept the computer turned off for the rest of the day and enjoyed the quiet of being home, cooking dinner, and folding laundry.  It's the simple things that make a get-away last just a tad longer.

Happy autumn, friends!


Lina said...

Happy spectacular autumn to you too!

Таня Билаш said...

Nice! Cool!