Sunday, November 6, 2011

November, as of late

As of late we have been
  • sitting next to spectacular bonfires, soaking of warmth on chilly evenings
  • celebrating and preparing to celebrate more
  • knitting up a test knit (such fun to work through)
  • baking favorite cookies
  • simmering delicious soup on the stove all afternoon
  • cracking open windows as often as we can, knowing each time might just be the last time
  • savoring the last bits of autumn colors
  • finding woolens and folding them carefully into drawers for use this winter
  • and working, yes working lots
These days have been busy, yes, but full of goodness all around.


cathleen said...

Sounds like coziness to me, Jessica....enjoy.

* elizabeth * said...
thought of you, of course ;)

Relyn said...

I've missed you around here. Just saying... Christmas Day has flown past. Just now I have a quiet moment between bouts of after-Christmas sale shopping. I wanted to stop by and wish you all the joys of the season. As the quiet week approaches, may you find time to do all the things you most love. May you know, each day, how very blessed and loved you are. Happy Holidays, friend. ~ Relyn

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